You Don’t Have to Give YOUR Money Away!

Create Your Own BIDDING WAR on Your Property And Save Money on Commissions

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You Don’t Have to Give YOUR Money Away!

Create Your Own BIDDING WAR on Your Property And Save Money on Commissions

Let's Get Started

Empowering Property Owners Through the Sales Process

High Bid Sale gives you back control over your property sale so you can set your own terms while getting the highest purchase price, and keep the whole commission.
You no longer have to give away control or money in your real estate transactions
Traditionally, real estate transactions have been controlled by an elite few who owned the information that made deals happen. In the last ten years or so, technology has made this information accessible to everyone. The High Bid Sale System leverages this shift in power by not only showing you how to access this information, but it also gives you the step-by-step process that the most successful brokers used to close their deals.

Unique Advantages of High Bid Sale:

Higher Sales Prices:

Foster a competitive bidding environment which leads to higher sale prices.

No Commissions, Full Profit:

Keep your entire sales price without paying commissions.

Speedy Process:

Create your own timeline and avoid lengthy negotiations.

Reduced Costs, Increased Control:

Lower your holding costs and maintain complete control over the sale conditions.

Choose Your Ideal Auction Format:

Subject to Owner's Confirmation:

Ideal for unique properties in a hot market.

Published Reserve:

Openly set a minimum acceptable amount, enhancing bidder competitiveness.

Unpublished Reserve:

Add mystery, allowing flexibility in pricing.

Absolute Auction:

Simple and direct, where the highest bid wins, regardless.

Your Marketing Strategy: Key to Success

Budget Smartly:

Allocate your marketing budget effectively, aiming for strategic exposure across multiple channels

Know Your Buyer:

Understand your buyer’s needs and preferences for targeted marketing.

Preparation Pays Off:

Provide detailed Home Inspection Reports to assure buyers and enhance the value of your offering.

Our Customers Love Us!

"Straightforward, Easy to Follow. I can stop wasting time on real estate agents."
Chris A.

Your Marketing Strategy: Key to Success

Empowering Sellers:

Leverage cutting-edge technology to access a broader buyer base, previously exclusive to brokers.

Innovative and Proven System:

Developed over several years with successful implementations in various property types.

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We have tested our system on single family homes, multi-family homes, luxury properties, land and much more. High Bid Sale works across the board.
If you follow this system as prescribed, you should be able to complete everything, from start to sale, in approximately six weeks. You do not need a real estate license to sell your own property.
Yes, we offer email support and coaching sessions. Contact us any time!
Unlock the power of High Bid Sales for your property. Contact us to embark on a journey that redefines real estate selling!